From Perth Australia, bringing the sound of post-punk kicking and screaming into the 2020's.

"This makes me reminisce about the open-air garage and surf pop records I used to love. There is a breeziness and indulgence to it that just makes me feel that the future is open to us, and we can do with it what we want. The track is well played, well produced, and most of all it taps into the happy place." - Max Pilley

"There is a fierce rhapsody to TA101 and the occasion fills us in on their love for musical pursuit because nothing else explains this sepia-tinged approach. It is retro as can be, urgent and post punk and with an inclination for something more melodic than you'd expect from such a noisy stew. It almost had me, the clatter, but the songwriting forever rearing its head for all to hear" - mp3hugger

Phil from Tube Amp 101

Surf City

Their brand of melodic, post-punk piano vibes is what catches your eye first. The slightly discordant nuances make you sit up and listen – It catches you completely off guard. The addition of the pitch-perfect vocals throws you into a wondrous cacophony of numbing post-punk pop delight”

Xune Mag

Living in Manchester UK, I’ve heard my fair share of post-punk and indie jangle pop, but it is safe to say that nothing flows in the same lusciously dark vein as Strawberry Smile”


Tube Amp 101 have burst open with their imaginative freedoms in putting together this EP. Each track glistening in nostalgic rock, and jangle surf-grunge”

Happy Mag

'True Friend’ is a fresh take on a genre that people may think has become exhausted. It hasn’t, and ‘True Friend’ proves this. It’s wonderfully summery, yet solemn at the same time”

Music is to Blame