Tube Amp 101 are set to release their second EP, True Friend on Friday 18th June 2021. The EP weaves the earnest exploration of addiction, losing best friends and reminiscing past lovers. 


The idea behind 'Disconnection' is from a piece I read on a book called 'Chasing The Scream'. The author explores the science of addiction, and the view that rather than addictions being caused by too much partying, its more likely an individuals adaptation to environment and connections good and bad within it. It struck a chord with me and inspired the song. 

True Friend 

'True Friend' is basically about saying a final goodbye to a loved one. The things you'd likely talk about with a dying parent best friend or partner. Yes, A bit downbeat I know, but I tried to make it more uplifting

Strawberry Smile 

'Strawberry Smile' is probably the most accessible song. Its a fairly psychedelic abstract piece, and was written a while ago. I remember it being about the juxtaposition between enjoying the warmth of a summers day, while also feeling the heavy loss from a relationship break-up. 

Falling Down (ALT) 

'Falling Down' is from the last EP and is the version I talked myself out of using. Nice to have it as a comparison. I prefer it to the original and would be interested in what others think. 

Strawberry Smile (INST) 

Instrumental only version which I think stands quite well. That's one of the good things with EPs, the bonus tracks.

 Tube Amp 101 – True Friend will be released on Friday 18th June2021 and available in all digital stores.